Ph Electrodes

Description of the ph

Orion ROSS Ultra ® Premium – The best of the best! The fastest response, high accuracy, the best reproducibility, which you can get through the electrode – plus 2 year warranty! ROSS Ultra electrodes combine the advantages of line ROSS – extended service life with minimized effect of long-term drift. ROSS electrodes offer a stable, fast results regardless of temperature and composition of the sample.

Orion ROSS ® – ROSS line offers precise pH measurements with unmatched stability, reliability and rapid response regardless of temperature and composition of the sample. Since ROSS electrodes do not contain a line of silver and mercury, are well suited to biological samples, pharmaceutical, food (where the ions of these metals can not be tolerated.) Electrodes ROSS Sure-Flow ® has a unique coupler and control the free flow of easy to clean housing that provides stable measurements without drift.

Orion PerpHecT ® – designed and tested specifically to provide accurate and reliable measurements of pH and temperature when using a pH meter LogR ™ (the highest precision and accuracy).

Orion AquaPro Professional – Low electrode wear combined with prolonged use, fast measurement and resistant to plugging the connector. Dual interface reference system prevents contact of silver (Ag) with the sample, so the electrodes can be used AquaPro, where metal ions are not tolerated.

Orion Standard – The wealth of pH electrodes and affordable for widespread deployment.

Orion Micro – Large selection of pH electrodes for the measurement of samples with less than 0.5 mL.

Orion Specialty – Precision pH electrode designed for the unique and difficult measurements.

Orion Double Junction – Low power, refillable electrodes, enhanced reference system separated from the Ag / AgCl, so silver is not in contact with the sample.

Orion Economy – Inexpensive, durable, robust pH electrodes are ideal equipment for educational use and outdoor (field measurements).

Phuture Orion ™ – Nieszklana (epoxy) technology is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use alternative to glass pH electrodes.

Orion ATC Probes – Automatic temperature sensor transmits the temperature measurement of the pH meter, which allows him to adjust the angle and provides the most accurate, repeatable readings of pH.

Orion Redox / ORP – The perfect choice for the measurement of the oxidation-reducing potential of the sample and to perform redox titrations.

Orion Sure-Flow Reference – Reference Electrodes help in measuring cycle when using the half-cell. We recommend two types of reference electrodes, both have sleeves.

Orion Silver Billet / Karl Fischer – To measure the end-point indicators of halogen and Karl Fischer titration.

Orion TRIS Calomel – calomel pH electrode are mercuric chloride, and are valued alternative to the ROSS pH electrodes for samples in which silver can not be tolerated.

Orion No Cal – The world’s first pH electrode that does not need calibration! No Cal Electrode calibration remains within ± 0.1 pH for the year, as long as the sample is secured.

Orion Basic – simple electrodes for pH measurements

Electrode Orion 91-65  Sure-Flow pH (nr 9165 BNWP)

Electrode Orion 81-72 ROSS  Sure-Flow pH (nr 8172 BNWP)

ElectrodeOrion 92-72 PerpHest Sure-Flow (nr 9272 BN)

Electrode Orion 91-02 Aqua Professional (nr 9102 AP)

Electrode Orion 8135 ROSS pH (nr 8135 BN)

Electrode Orion 8235BN PerpHect ROSS (nr 8235 BN)

Electrode Orion ROSS Ultra (nr 8102 BNUWP)

Electrode Orion PerpHect ROSS Combination (nr 8202 BN)

Electrode Orion Ag/AgCL Half Cell (nr 9101 BN)

Electrode Redox ORP (nr 967800)

Electrode Orion Glass Micro (nr 9802 BN)

Electrode Orion Combination (nr 910500)

Electrode Orion PerpHect ROSS, Glass Semi-Micro Comb (nr 8203 BN)

Electrode Orion Glass Micro (nr 9802 BN)

Electrode Orion Glass Micro Comb (nr 9810 BN)